About us

Mela Solutions is a digital health company focussed
on building clinical audit software for hospitals.


Your healthcare data partner

As a company, we want to help specialist units make best use of their data to improve patient outcomes. We do this by developing solutions that are intuitive, highly focused on specialities and provide a suite of tools to easily find insights.

Although was are based in the UK, with a strong presence in the NHS, we also cater to international markets. For over 20 years we have supported and have built a suite of specialist tools.

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Our Purpose

We believe in the power of data to save lives

Our Mission

To be a global leader in Clinical Intelligence

Our Vision

Be the driving force for transforming the use of healthcare data to improve patient outcomes and reduce the burden on clinicians


We undergo annual third-party assessments to ensure we maintain the highest standards when it comes to cyber security


Innovative Solutions

Our group of experienced developers create advanced systems that can be modified every step of the way, giving you more time for what’s important – the patient.


Expert Training

We make sure that everything is up and running so that you are ready to start getting the most out of your data, as soon as possible.


Reliable & Outstanding Support

Our friendly Support team are always available to give a helping hand if you have any queries about the systems.

Our History

Mela Solutions was started in 1995 to transform healthcare in the UK, by developing cost-effective systems specialised to individual departments. Since then, the company has grown to develop a wide range of clinical informatic systems.