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Efficiency & Financial Improvements across Critical Care Units at UHNM NHS Trust – MedICUs ICU Platform


Efficiency & Financial Improvements across Critical Care Units at UHNM NHS Trust – MedICUs ICU Platform



University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM) have been long standing customers of Mela Solutions since 2002 with the implementation of the MedICUs ICU system for critical care data collection and auditing of national datasets; Case Mix Programme – ICNARC and the Critical Care Minimum Dataset (CCMDS) together with all local auditing requirements for management of key performance indicators.


I was involved in the procurement & implementation of an integrated digital solution for streamlining data collection & auditing across all critical care units with Mela Solutions. Our aim was to reduce data duplication and improve data quality leading to releasing nursing time back to patient care and improved clinical & financial data.

To do this, we wanted to ensure data flowed from our ICU monitoring system into MedICUs, so data could then be released to Finance and National datasets after validation. It was important to maintain a human stop point in this process. We also wanted to remove paper based CCMDS from our HDUs, in line with national objectives, and standardise our processes across Critical Care.


Mela Solutions worked with management, IT, finance, and clinical teams throughout this process to come up with a new approach for all our requirements, they assisted with business cases and negotiating a proposal with the Trust at a strategic level, ensuring both our short- and long-term benefits were met. The team at Mela liaised with 3rd parties to develop the integration for us throughout the implementation process and were always very helpful and straightforward. Success was measured after go-live by the move to paperless data collection across all Critical Care units, automation of payment by results data to Finance on a daily basis and automation of the ICNARC feed from our Electronic Charting Software into MedICUs. Combined, this resulted in a 50% reduction in data duplication across the General ICU, Cardiothoracic ICU and County Hospital HDU for front line nursing staff together with improved data quality for clinicians and business intelligence. Finance reported a 50% increase in payments by results (PbRs) in the 1st quarter after go-live from the combined implementation of the integrated solution for UHNM.

A big thank you to all members of the teams across UHNM and Mela Solutions who were involved in this Project.


Joache Reeves
PDMS Systems Administrator – University Hospitals of North Midlands

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