MedICUs Outreach

Supporting Allergy Research

MediTRAQ enables units to collect and store demographic and clinical information efficiently, including Allergy test, Immunotherapy and Asthma investigation and treatment.

Key features of MediTRAQ:

  • Accurate records: patients visit, observations, medications and dietitian evaluation
  • Summaries of patient history – saving you from laborious manual searching on paper
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Comprehensive reporting and auditing features

MediTRAQ has been designed for tablets. The intuitive interface gives the team the opportunity to perform a more detailed assessment that will promote better patient management.

Better service performance


✓ Out of Clinic query time
✓ Long waits in clinic
✓ Auditing time
✓ Errors in data duplication
✓ Paper records usage as part of overall paperless initiative


✓ Allergy crisis recurrence
✓ Patient’s understanding of their condition
✓ Patient Care: One patient, One record
✓ Identification of key patient treatment trends
✓ Communication between members of the same team

  • Reports and analysis of the data can be performed at the click of a button and the resulting information can be used to identify successful interventions and treatments, while highlight those cases of concern
  • The most important reason of having a clinical audit system is to help you to improve outcomes. This can be only achieved if you can monitor the effect of the treatment on individual patients, as a group and look at trends and variations that can be attributed to clinical interventions

“The support from Mela Solutions is extremely good. I have worked previously with other health care systems, two British and one US based – Mela’s support is superior to all of them.”

Maximise the value of your data

MediTRAQ enables you to identify
  • The most common patient diagnosis/ problems
  • Condition severity
  • Most common test performed on patients
  • Type of admission
  • Trends, incidence and outcomes
Type of Admission

Type of Admission

New Admissions – Problems

New Admissions – Problems