MedICUs Outreach

Ensure the best care on the move

The MedICUs Transport system enables specialist transport services to collect, access and analyse vital patient data before, during and after transfer. Information that helps save lives.

Key NEW features include:

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Collect observations during transfer
  • Analyse fluid management details and medications given
  • Easily generate reports and in-depth data analysis
  • Customisable system to suit your individual team needs

Improve efficiencies:

  • Allows for ‘right first time’ submissions to compulsory national datasets
  • Secure and scalable for the whole team
  • Online & Offline data collection
  • Rely on the first-class customer support when you need it

MedICUs Transport covers in-utero, neonatal and paediatric all in the same system.

Why you can trust in MedICUs Transport

✓ Supports the implementation of seamless neonatal clinical pathways
✓ Enhances clinical communication and collaboration
✓ Aids the time-critical work of round-the-clock transfer service teams

✓ Developed to ensure accurate and reliable data from collection
✓ Enter data from any location on tablets and iPads via the Web App
✓ Share data across the whole team

Update from any location via the Web App

  • Collect data anywhere, any time on tablets and iPads
  • Information is automatically shared with all users
  • Web App gives summaries of child’s history to optimise care at all times

Easily collect and share data: one child, one record, optimum care

No need for paper notes and data entry – more time to focus on care

“Mela Solutions expertise in PICU data and audit has provided me with solid support that has helped me to understand the data collection in depth.”

Maximise the value of your data

MedICUs Transport enables you to identify
  • PIM scorings across any period of time
  • Incidents occurred during transfer
  • Transport timings
  • The most common reason for transfer
Total Number of Neonates & In-Utero Transfers

Total Number of Neonates & In-Utero Transfers

Transport Time

Transport Time

Critical Incidents during Transfer

Critical Incidents during Transfer