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Covering Wound Care in Depth

MedICUs Tissue Viability is a data collection system that can match your exact requirements and it provides a cost effective and easy way of recording and analysing patient care.

Key features of MedICUs Tissue Viability:

  • Evaluate differences in outcomes between patients with similar conditions
  • Record information about formal education & training provided by Tissue Viability
  • Flexible system adapted to the specific data collection requirements of individual teams
  • Retrospective analysis of the treatment protocols and identification of key healing factors

MedICUs Tissue Viability provides mobile web access for the iPad and tablets, letting you to input data alongside the patient. It saves you time and lets you work more efficiently.

With MedICUs Tissue Viability you can:


✓ Administration burden on Tissue Viability team
✓ Hospital/Clinic costs
✓ Errors in data duplication
✓ Infections rates


✓ Identification of key patient treatment trends
✓ Patient record details by capturing photographs
✓ Healing Rates
✓ Communication between members of the same team
✓ Patient outcome & treatment effectiveness

Accurate monitoring

  • Reporting and analysing data can be performed either by using predefined searches, or you can design your own searches by selecting specific field of interest
  • You can identify successful interventions and educational materials, while highlighting those that have been less successful
  • Monitor the wound healing process where you can compare the healing time and outcomes of similar wound associated with different treatments
  • Recording the leaflets given to individual patients will remove the need for tissue viability team to stock large volume of hard copies

“Sometimes I am asked by senior managers or consultants to provide reports at short notice, so an immediate response is very important to us. When calling Mela Solutions, I can always get through straight away to someone who can help me.”

Maximise the value of your data

MedICUs Tissue Viability enables you to identify
  • Most common conditions on patients assessed
  • Reason for referral to the service
  • Most common interventions performed
  • Type of wound
  • Healing process
Healing Process

Healing Process

Total Number of Patient Encounters (Visits)

Total Number of Patient Encounters (Visits)

Type of Wound

Type of Wound