MedICUs paediatric outreach software

Managing Pain is not a dream

When you have the right tool to assist you

Nurse treating paediatrics patient
paediatrics patient
With MedICUs Paediatric Pain, your teams can collect comprehensive and accurate data, giving them time to focus on what’s important – their patients and their care.

The NEW MedICUs Paediatric Pain allows you to:

  • Record the data directly onto the system by accessing the program on the iPad, tablets or any PC from anywhere within the Trust


  • Monitor the use and management of analgesia
  • Evaluate patients assessments via complex analysis of the event data
Designed for Clinical Excellence


  • Duplication by direct input of data at the patient bedside
  • Hospital LOS
  • Overall service costs
  • Administration burden on nurses


  • The collection of patient data by having an intuitive interface
  • Patient Outcomes & Treatment success
  • Communication between members of the same team
Easy Data Collection with Powerful Auditing Tools

For Clinicians

  • Improves efficiencies for capturing and reporting data
  • MedICUs releases nursing time to spend with patients through use of automations and integrations

For the Organisation

  • The customisable dashboard provides high level data at a glance for the Paediatric Pain

Maximise the value of your data

MedICUs Paediatric Pain enables you to identify
  • The most common modalities used by the services
  • The type of adverse event
  • The reasons why modalities are changed
  • The Pain score on daily assessment