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Keeping control of your data flow

With MedICUs Acute Oncology, your teams can collect comprehensive and accurate data, giving them time to focus on what’s important – their patients and their care.

The NEW MedICUs Acute Oncology allows you to:

  • Record presenting conditions, complaints, triage information and SIRS metrics
  • Manage the acute episodes of your oncology patients to prevent unplanned admissions
  • Record key metrics for CQuINS, including timeliness of the investigation, treatments and outcomes to ensure AOT have clear understanding of the patient’s care pathway

MedICUs Acute Oncology has been designed for tablets. The intuitive interface gives the team the opportunity to perform a more detailed assessment that will promote better patient management.

Designed for Clinical Excellence


✓ Hospital LOS
✓ Sepsis rates
✓ Overall AO service costs
✓ Adminstration burden on nurses
✓ Patients outside door-to-needle time


✓ Acute Oncology Service Delivery
✓ Patient Outcomes & Treatment success
✓ Communication between members of the same team
✓ Treatment efficiency of patients suspected with MSCC or Neutropenic Sepsis
✓ Ease of trend identification

Easy Data Collection with Powerful Auditing Tools

For Clinicians

  • Improves efficiencies for capturing and reporting data
  • Allows you to leverage your data collection activities to improve performance and patient care

For the Organisation

  • Helps the team to evaluate and respond quickly with the appropriate care by having a complex analysis of event data
  • Facilitate your data entry by having a highly customisable system which allows you to define columns, activate/deactivate fields and tabs and produce reports to suit your requirements

“The standard of support offered by the Mela Solutions team is excellent and any issues we have are dealt with quickly and professionally. The regular program updates ensure our system is continuously improving and furnished with the latest requirements.”

Maximise the value of your data

MedICUs Acute Oncology enables you to identify
  • The impact of the Acute Oncology Services on LOS
  • The most common type of cancer patients seen
  • The number of oncology patients admitted via A&E
  • The most common toxicity presentation in oncology patients
  • Cancer of Unknown Primary Rates
  • Trends, incidence and outcomes
Acute Oncology Service: Activity Trends

Acute Oncology Service: Activity Trends

Acute Oncology Service: Cancer Diagnosis Trends

Acute Oncology Service: Cancer Diagnosis Trends

Acute Oncology Service: Presenting Condition Trends

Acute Oncology Service: Presenting Condition Trends