What Our Customers Say About Us...

Rozanna Kinmans

Lead Nurse, Acute Pain, St George’s Hospital

“The staff at MELA are always very helpful on the end of the phone and respond quickly to any issues. They have also supported us by liaising to our IT department to help install the MELA programme and have supported me in the past running reports for audits. They are always patient and informative while providing technical support.”

Robin Stroud

Data Clerk, Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

“After viewing a different system the other day and it not being a pleasant experience, I am left feeling very appreciative of MedICUs – general ease of use, and overall professional appearance (of both screens and reports), layout and functionality. You don’t know how lucky you are until you’ve seen how bad things can be… Thank you very much to the team, which I probably should have said a long time ago. From the above points of view, Mela are definitely leading the field and I mean it!”

Richard Armitage

Critical Care Outreach Nurse, Calderdale & Huddersfield

Our Trust have been users of the MedICUs Outreach system for over 10 years. We have recently moved to the browser-based version. The new system includes a completely redesigned interface, improved usability and accessibility, easy to use customisations sections together with new access management.

The team at Mela were really helpful in helping us to create a bespoke system around our basic data capture but most importantly understood the direction we wanted to take and were able to help us future-proof our system by facilitating the changes we needed.

Our current data collection has helped us to identify problem areas and develop work around solutions which have saved both time and cost. These changes were able to be implemented quickly due to the ease with which data can be exported and processed.

We are already looking into solutions to process assessments on-the-fly at the bedside and developing specific educational packages for our team based on the most common interventions that are performed and in so, achieving better outcomes for our patients.

Overall, we are very pleased with the MedICUs Outreach system and would recommend it to other Outreach services due to its ease of use, bespoke data capture capabilities and exemplary customer aftercare from Mela Solutions.

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