MedICUs Outreach

Capture data online and offline

The NEW MedICUs Resuscitation solution allows you to collect data at the bedside, on the go, on and offline. With MedICUs Resuscitation, your teams have the tools they need to stay at the forefront at service provision.

Key features of MedICUs Resuscitation service:

  • Resuscitation event times, recovery data and physiology values can be recorded
  • Collect detailed data concerning interventions used during the event
  • Record and analyse hospital outcomes and late follow ups

MedICUs Resucitation has been designed for tablets. The interface gives the team the opportunity to perform a more detailed assessment that will promote better patient management.

The NEW best practice

Clinician benefits:

  • Save time: record a better dataset by capturing and entering patient information only once
  • Print from tablets
  • Intuitive interface that gives a great user experience
  • Create up-to-the minute reports that deliver real-time quality indicators and data analysis

Department benefits:

  • Real time audit on demand
  • Online and offline capability
  • Runs on Windows and Mac and is accessible on the entire Trust Network
  • Supports a paperless environment

Patient benefits:

  • ‘One patient, one record’ allows more meaningful interactions with patients with a full care history to hand
  • Complex analysis of event data helps the team to evaluate and respond quickly with the appropriate care
  • A key feature of MedICUs Resuscitation is the ability to view historical data that occurred during resuscitation events. This information highlights problems that can be rectified by process improvements going forward
  • MedICUs Resuscitation is a highly customisable system. It allows you to define columns, activate/deactivate fields and tabs and produce reports to suit your requirements.

“I really appreciate the general use of the screens reports, layout and functionality of the service. MELA are definitely leading the field.”

Maximise the value of your data

MedICUs Resuscitation enables you to identify
  • Main problems occurred during resuscitation events
  • Number of calls received and most common incident type
  • The cause of arrest
  • Hospital length of stay after resuscitation event
Problems Occurring during Resuscitation Events over the Last Year

Problems Occurring during Resuscitation Events over the Last Year

Hospital Length of Stay after Resuscitation Event

Hospital Length of Stay after Resuscitation Event

Total Number of Calls Received

Total Number of Calls Received