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Simplify and improve data collection

Efficient and accurate pain data collection is challenging:

  • Manual processes, time restraints and high demand place additional pressure or clinical teams
  • Writing notes then inputting data duplicates effort
  • Data from manual records can’t be analysed in real time to identify trends, best practices and outcomes
  • Sharing and collaborating data with colleagues can be slow and inefficient

MedICUs Pain Services addresses these challenges by facilitating data entry using iPads and tablets. Its intuitive interface gives the team the opportunity to perform a more detailed assessment that will promote better patient management.

Better patient experience and quality of care

Chronic Pain Management

  • Patients can complete their questionnaires directly onto the system ahead of their consultation and clinicians can add any new questions as required
  • Consultants record procedures they carry out on the patients; a PAS link makes this easy
  • Psychologist and physiotherapist entries means they can have one patient – one record

Acute Pain Management

  • More meaningful interactions with post-operative patients with full care history to hand
  • Less time pressure on the clinical teams and more relaxed environment for patient
  • Complex analysis of post-surgical pain, modalities and adverse events, helps the team to evaluate and promote better pain control

For Clinicians

  • Regular updates ensure the system is kept up-to-date to respond to clinical needs
  • Relevant, up-to-minute reports deliver real-time quality-indicators and data analysis
  • Ability to share data encourages local and national collaboration and best practices
  • A dedicated support team means customisation and issues are dealt with promptly

For the Organisation

  • Less errors incurred and access to timely data for clinical and efficiency audits
  • Collaboration between departments enables better allocation of resources and sharing of national trend and best practices
  • Supports a paperless environment
  • Compatible with existing IT systems

“The touch screen questionnaires have proved an invaluable tool; the system facilitates their completion prior to assessment meaning patient-doctor time is no longer compromised by the filling in of paper documentation.”

Maximise the value of your data

MedICUs Pain Services provide easy access to data to facilitate resource planning, including
  • Identify staff requirements to meet the demand, safety and quality of pain management
  • Determine multi-disciplinary team requirements
  • Estimate clinical skill mix
  • Define first line treatment and frequency of ward rounds
Surgeries Modalities

Surgeries Modalities

Adverse Events vs Major Adverse Events

Adverse Events vs Major Adverse Events

PCA Effectiveness

PCA Effectiveness