MedICUs Outreach

Improve your data management and achieve better outcomes

The challenges with manual or paper-based systems:

  • Writing notes and then inputting the data into a system is inefficient; it duplicates effort and wastes time
  • Long waiting times, delayed discharges and poor bed utilisation puts patient care at risk
  • It’s difficult to access, distribute and share data with colleagues
  • Using paper is costly, environmentally unfriendly and doesn’t support a digital strategy

The Solution:
A tablet-based data collection gives the team the opportunity to include a more detailed assessment of the patient against a laborious paper data entry. A detailed assessment means better management and therefore better outcomes.

The only system to give in-depth quality reports and analysis

A better way for better outcomes
✓   Access the system via a browser, no software to install
✓   Enter data anywhere, on any device
✓   Robust: collect data with or without WI-FI
✓   Secure and scalable for all your team

Maximise the value of your data
✓   Attractive, easy-to-use interface
✓   Easily generate complex reports
✓   Benchmark activities based on ORBID
✓   Benefit from our first-class support

For Clinicians

  • Collect, communicate and share patient data; one patient, one record
  • Real-time quality-indicators, insightful reports and in-depth data analysis
  • Improves efficiency and allows practitioners to make better informed decisions
  • The system is user-friendly and our dedicated team is on hand daily to support any issues and customisation

For the Organisation

  • Easy access to data for clinical and efficient audits
  • Improves bed utilisation
  • Collaboration and communication between departments enables better allocation of resources
  • Less errors than manual data entry and is compatible with existing hospital IT systems
  • Supports a digital and paperless environment

“We have been using MedICUs Outreach for the last 6 years; during this period the company has released important updates such as the Web App which has made our data collection much easier.

The data collection, reports and analysis are useful tools as a representation of our activities. Throughout this we have been supported and are able to contact freely if any further support is needed”

Maximise the value of your data

MedICUs Outreach enables you to identify
  • Wards or areas that require additional assistance and training from Outreach
  • The most common reasons for referral
  • Interventions performed and reasons for re-admission to Critical Care
  • Number of patient assessments and encounters
Average time of call / response

Average time of call / response

Total Number of Referrals

Total Number of Referrals

Assessments only Patient Encounters

Assessments only Patient Encounters