MedICUs Outreach

Helping you focus on improving care

MedICUs has been designed by clinicians specifically to meet the needs of Intensive Care clinical teams and hospitals. The sophisticated software will enable you to improve efficiency, deliver focused activities and spend more time with your patients.

MedICUs will assist you to:

  • Improve patient care
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Deliver better service performance
  • Increase bed utilisation

By ensuring you have:

  • All the information for your patients summarised in one location
  • The ability to discharge patients quickly and easily
  • Better ways of communicating between members of the team
  • Continuous auditing with the results at your fingertips

MedICUs has been designed for tablets. The interface gives the team the opportunity to perform a more detailed assessment that will promote better patient management.

Using MedICUs you can expect to


✓ LOS in ICU
✓ Early discharge
✓ Administration burden my making use of electronic data collection
✓ Bed management complications
✓ Errors incurred during manual data entry
✓ Hospital costs


✓ Bed utilisation
✓ Patient management and care
✓ Mortality rates
✓ Communication between members of the team
✓ Patient outcomes & treatment effectiveness
✓ Ward clinical management

Benefits for patients:

  • Identify the severity of illness and outcomes
  • Evaluate scoring systems
  • Facilitate healthcare planning
  • Identify the reasons for discharge delays

Benefits for the organisation:

  • Better ward clinical management
  • Customisable discharge letters
  • Summarised data for timely decisions
  • Automated CCMDs and HRGs

“We have been using MedICUs system for over 13 years. It has become an essential departmental research tool helping us to provide better care to our patients.”

Maximise the value of your data

MedICUs enables you to identify
  • Bed occupancy and utilisation
  • Re-admissions to ICU
  • Mortality probabilities
  • The most common interventions performed
  • Incomplete data and missing information with our extensive DVR
  • Quality indicators in real time

Percentage of Patients Occupying a bed 24 hrs after Decision to Discharge

Percentage of Readmissions to ICU within 48 hrs of Discharge from ICU

Standardised Mortality Ratio ICNARC Risk Adjustment Model, for ICU Patients with an Expected Mortality less than 5%